I am declaring WAR on Vaughan’s:

  1. Traffic
  2. High Taxes
  3. Uncontrolled Development
  4. Lack of Accessible & Accountable at City Hall


  1. Traffic

– York Region’s $3.7 billion debt is crippling traffic; roads like Major Mackenzie Dr., Teston Rd., and Dufferin St., have been delayed because the Region cannot borrow any more money.

– No building permits issued until roads are expanded – business community needs to front-end the cost of road infrastructure.

– Express bus lane on Jane St. from the Subway to the Hospital

– Revisit the Pine Valley Link

– Traffic Signal Synchronization and increased left turn advances at key intersection

– Dedicated truck routes to eliminate mixing of traffic and improve safety for commuting residents

– Expanded subway parking lots and bus service at the new Vaughan subway

  1. Reduce Taxes

– Reduce the operating budget by 5%

– Full line-by-line audit of the City’s revenues and expenses

– Freeze Council and upper management salaries

– Eliminate the P Cards

– Appoint an Auditor General

– No overspending – pay as you go model

  1. Uncontrolled Development

– Enforcing the Official Plan to reduce the number of proposed amendments

– Introduce a moratorium or interim control on all intensification applications – A ‘break’ while the City reviews its growth priority areas

  1. Respect for our Seniors

– Free bus pass for seniors – most buses run empty from 9-3

– Increase seniors tax rebate from $375 to $750 – will help to keep seniors in their homes instead of retirement homes

  1. Protect our Environment

– Stop rogue developments that cut our trees

– Plant 20,000 trees/year in public areas and provide a homeowner incentive to homeowners to plant a tree


I hope you support me and my solutions to taking Vaughan’s Next Step’s together as a community.

Don’t forget to vote at the Municipal Elections on October 22, 2018.
Advanced voting October 11 – 18.

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