Keep Vaughan Green, the group of concerned residents in Frank’s neighbourhood are battling the proposed development of the Board of Trade Golf Course, recently asked him a very important question:

“Mr. Miele, traffic congestion in Vaughan has progressively worsened, particularly with increased development, what is your traffic congestion management plan for Vaughan?”

Traffic congestion is a symptom of poor political and planning decisions. When Vaughan's Official Plan is amended frequently to accommodate higher densities without road and transit expansions and improvements to support the OP amendments, commuters suffer the outcome of gridlock. My proposed SmartMove Vaughan plan will focus on a variety of policies to ease traffic and provide a vision to improve mass transit. SmartMove includes the following plans:

  1. Enforce the Official Plan policies
  2. Introduce a moratorium on intensification applications which are contrary to OP policies – we need a 'break' while the City reviews its growth priority areas. City report states that over 40% of development applications are in litigation with the City and/or the OMB.
  3. Regional roads – our Region's $3.7billion debt is crippling traffic; roads like Major Mackenzie, Teston, Dufferin which need expansion have been delayed for years because the Region cannot afford it.
  4. No building permits issued until roads are expanded – business community must front-end the cost of road infrastructure.
  5. As an interim step, develop an express bus lane on Jane St. from the Subway to the Hospital. This was planned 15 years ago, and the region decided to implement left/right turn lanes instead.
  6. Revisit the Pine Valley Road Link
  7. Advance the construction of the Langstaff Road Missing Link between Jane and Keele
  8. Improve Traffic Signal Synchronization – every existing politician has been promising this but no results to date.
  9. Increased left turn advances at key intersection
  10. Dedicated truck routes to eliminate mixing of traffic and improve safety for commuting residents
  11. Expanded subway parking lots and bus service at the new Vaughan subway
  12. Complete the construction of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Ring road to reroute trucks from Highway 7.
  13. Advocate for the elimination of a 2 Fare Wall system between the YRT and TTC and convince the Provincial government to speed up the one fare integration system (Presto Card) in the GTA.
  14. Collaborate with the City of Toronto the Province and Federal governments to fast-track the engineering design for the extension of the Yonge St. Subway.
  15. Request the Province and York Region to initiate plans to develop a ring road system that will connect Highway 427, to Teston Road and easterly to Highway 400 and 404.

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